FLIP FLAP is kids’ furniture that just lasts longer. It looks airy and delicate but it is surprisingly solid, it is made of quality natural materials and thanks to its timeless design the kids won’t outgrow it easily!

How did the concept for FLIP FLAP furniture originate?

We asked several children, between the ages 3 to 7, to draw picture for us about their living environment. Their drawings confirmed our thinking about how simply children view our “adult” concepts about “furniture”. While there are styles of chairs, tables or shelving, children simplify things into a few lines. We looked at the children’s drawings, studied them carefully, and our concept was born. We asked ourselves: What if we were to begin crafting children’s furniture like this? We would have to design it in such a way, as to maintain the lightness with which it was drawn!

And what do you get by buying FLIP FLAP furniture?

  • Originality and patented design, because you cannot find other furniture like this on the market
  • Quality, because it is made of massive beech wood and wooden PLW boards
  • Security, because it is manufactured from tested Czech materials and its surface is treated using Swedish lacquer by Beckers company
  • Ecologic approach, because it is manufactured in Czech Republic, it does not travel a lot and so it is environment-friendly.